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The Futurist (Haringey) - Episode 01 - 2018:



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Our learner cooperative is launching two things that you’ll be very very interested in.


We’re launching a magazine called The Futurist, its all about Science Technology Engineering the Arts and Mathematics; STEAM. Read and engage in it, contribute futurist editorial to it or advertise with us. This first publication is localised to Haringey, there will be future publication localised to other areas... next Lambeth then Croydon.


We’re also launching a CubeSat, are you wondering what that is?


Then watch this video and visit these links:


The Futurist Magazine | uLearn Naturally Learners' Co-op

https://futuriststeam.co.uk | http://www.ulearnnaturally.org

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The flaws in Attainment 8

Part 1:

Should schools be most accountable to the community or the government?

The government maybe looking to introduce another new “accountability measure” into the education system, the ideas being discussed are about testing at KS1, tests for four to five year-olds, but most people have not yet caught up with the changes of 2016, a major portion of these changes are the introduction of Attainment 8, Progress 8 and new GCSE grading levels which are scored from 1 to 9.

uLearn Naturally Learners' Cooperative
spoke to local teachers, school governors (including Chairs of Governors), parents and young learners, none were able to confidently explain the current monitoring system for schools, most basically had a poor grasp of how Attainment 8 and Progress 8 work. As our Trust has been looking at this issues since 2015 and clearly see the issues we commissioned Peoplescience Intelligence Unit to produce a special report on the subject, giving you for the first time, the real breakdown on what’s going on from a community-led perspective.

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