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About Us

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We are peoples of the community
working cooperatively to develop progressive
Knowledge Exchanges built upon:


  • dynamic creative approaches to learning and

  • high quality educational media services.





uLearn Naturally Learners' Co-op is administered by Abundance Centres (UK).  We are the publishers of The Futurist (Haringey), you can find out more about our other media services here; and

We are established to work with centres throughout the UK building ground breaking media service provisions that are designed to support Home-School Knowledge Exchange (HSKE) principles and projects.  

We define “schools” in a very broad way as “centres of determined learning” including for example libraries, youth provision, learning projects/events, children's centres, primary and secondary schools etc.  With these “centres of determined learning” uLearn Naturally Media Services seeks to create community led infrastructure that allows learning processes and networks to work in more innovative and effective ways thereby raising learning outcomes and impacts.  There are two main media service operations being developed:

  • uLearn Naturally Radio - (internet radio)
  • The Futurist - STEAM’d uP3 magazines and publications (localisedin-print and digital)

With our values for Family Directed Learning and community led development we have two flagship project centres from which we work and these media services also support several Abundance Centres Member Trusts.

Our flagship Knowledge Exchange project centres:
  • Chestnuts Community Centre, Tottenham, Haringey [website]
  • The Village HQ, Clapham North, Lambeth [website]



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We are launching the pilot issue of The Futurist (Haringey) - "Episode One", be a part of history in the making, perfecting a future of excellent learning locally. STEM + the Arts in ground breaking creativity The Futurist (Haringey) is a STEAM’d uP3 magazine; a publication that is localised, in-print and digital – bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths forward into community life, for enjoyment and insight.


This pilot issue spec: Size: A5, 12 pages, full colour, 10000 distributed to local residents and businesses in N15 (pilot zone), estimated readership 27k people. Our Special Advertising Package (Advertise with us) includes audio podcasts about your service, product or project, plus profiling via our websites and social media networks. If your interest is in education and learning then there’s no better way to reach this local audience which surrounds the Chestnuts Community Centre (N15).  Future issues will cover all of Haringey.


Advertise with us : Book your Ad space today This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or Tel:

uLearn Naturally Media Services: 075 3003 8547 / 020 8144 1720

​Project Website:



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