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You are The Futurist ?

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You are The Futurist.


Can the women, men and children of everyday life really be considered futurists?


It is true that most people would not give themselves this label however it is also true that most people spend much time and energy on preparing for the futures they desire.  


Here The Futurist is you, ALL of us, the i and i in the growing synergy of our community-mind looking to the future with a determination to make the very best of it.  


The fact is that we can all be more professional about it, even if it does not seem to connect to our professions, our works.  Here The Futurist uses STEAM (that's STEM + the Arts) as a focal point for us to reason and build unified knowledge. 


Join in, engage, define.


How are you thinking about he future?



Twelve Common Types of Foresight Thinking, plus One.


Social Types


1. [Preconventional futurist]

One who thinks about the future in relation to self (ego, personal vision), but without either concern for or broad understanding of the norms and conventions of society.


2. [Personal futurist]

One who uses foresight to solve problems primarily for themselves, within the conventions of society, and whose current behavior is oriented to and influenced by their future expectations and plans.


3. [Imaginative futurist]

One who habitually develops future visions, scenarios, expectations, and plans in relation to self and others, knowing but sometimes breaking the conventions and norms of society.


4. [Agenda-driven futurist]

One who creates or works toward top-down developed (received, believed) ideological, religious, or organizationally-preferred agendas (sets of rules, norms) and their related problems, for the future of a group.


5. [Consensus-driven futurist]

One who helps create or work toward bottom-up developed (facilitated, emergent), group-, communally-, institutionally- or socially-preferred futures.


6. [Professional futurist]

One who explores change for a paying client or audience, who seeks to describe and advance possible, probable, or preferable future scenarios while avoiding undesirable ones, and who may seek to help their client or audience apply these insights (manage change).


Methodological Types


7. [Critical futurist]

One who explores, deconstructs, and critiques the future visions, perspectives, and value systems of others, not primarily to advance an agenda, to achieve consensus, or for payment, but as a methodology of understanding.


8. [Alternative futurist]

One who explores and proposes a range of possible or imaginable futures, including those beyond one's personal, organizational, and cultural conventional and consensus views.


9. [Predictive futurist]

One who forecasts probable futures, events and processes that they expect are likely to occur, in a statistical sense, both as a result of anticipated personal and social choices, and for autonomous processes that appear independent of human choice.


10. [Evolutionary developmental (Evo devo) futurist]

One who explores evolutionary possibilities and predicts developmental outcomes, and attempts to differentiate between evolutionary (chaotic, reversible, unpredictable) and developmental (convergent, irreversible, statistically predictable) processes of universal change.


11. [Validating futurist]

One who seeks to evaluate, systematize, and validate the completeness (for critical and alternative futures) and accuracy (for predictive and evo devo futures) of methodologies used to consider the future.


12. [Epistemological futurist]

One who investigates the epistemology (how we know what we know) of the future, and seeks to improve the paradigms of foresight scholarship and practice


Other Types:


13. [Unifiedknowledge futurist]

One who is free to adopt and adapt any methods of advance thinking about consciousness, time, energy and life valuing highly the Unifiedknowledge pedagogical approach to learning and Self development.  See Unifiedknowledge pedagogy.



Here "The Futurist" is you, ALL of us, collectively, we make the future one way or another. What type of futurist are you?


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