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Open Letter

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Dear Haringey colleague, This is just a brief memo to let you know about our upcoming publication; uLearn Naturally STEAM Magazine (Haringey). This new periodical is being published as part of a pioneering Home School Knowledge Exchange project designed to support the advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts & Maths (STEAM) in Haringey, please spread the word with your colleagues and relevant networks. I'd like to have a brief chat with you to explore the ways our project and particularly this new publication relate to your service and objectives. We are making STEM connect to everyday life in Haringey especially using the creative and cultural arts, and also giving special attention to the sectors of society who are typically not reached or engaged in STEM learning. Our organisation is an umbrella learners' cooperative empowering Family Directed Learning, I am sure that there are several areas we could have a very fruitful chat about. We are based at the Chestnuts Community Centre (N17), a centre associated with the Bridge Renewal Trust, the voluntary sector agency for Haringey Council. My research and editorial team are keen to interview project workers to highlight the STEM connections and build natural opportunities for communal learning; HSKE, e-learning, internet radio, printed periodicals, learning network partnerships etc. We wish to help various kinds of service providers and organisations reach and engage local communities. Advertise local jobs and employment opportunities, especially those related to creative learning and STEAM subjects. Ensure that we have a quality way to share your public events in our listings pages, networks and forums. Engage volunteers and work placements. Primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities: for enhanced local community engagement. find out more about our service to schools and FE institutes in our abunDANCE in Schools prospectus. find out more about our BOU (Maths & Science Enrichment) Summer School 2017. uLearn Naturally Magazine is for ; families; children and parents, teachers and other educators educational organisations, quality business brands, community developers. huge catchment areas and local readerships oneof the core distribution areas GetInvolved NOW ! With a monthly print run in excess of 80000 copies delivered directly to local residents and related businesses / institutions, we foresee a readership in excess of 190000 people across the Haringey borough area. We have already started test broadcasting uLearn Naturally Radio which is a compliment to our upcoming publication. Tune in and checkout the links above for more info and please let us know of your interest in this exciting project, I’ll happily send you more details and explore with you ways we can be of service or work in collaboration for maximum community benefit. Reply to this email or call me today, my direct line is 075 3003 8547, I’d love to have a brief chat with you today. Kind regards, Astehmari Publishing Team Coordinator M: 075 3003 8547

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