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Special Article Report

The flaws in Attainment 8 – Part 1:

Should schools be most accountable to the community or the government?


The flaws in Attainment 8 Part 1


The government maybe looking to introduce another new “accountability measure” into the education system, the ideas being discussed are about testing at KS1, tests for four to five year-olds.

From our Trust’s community engagement programmes we know that most people have not yet caught up with the changes of 2016, a major portion of these changes are the introduction of Attainment 8, Progress 8 and new GCSE grading levels which are scored from 1 to 9. The Futurist (Haringey) magazine is part of your local home-school knowledge exchange (HSKE) which is building up connections between “schools” (a variety of learning spaces) to find ways to help progressive schools engage in knowledge exchanges with families and other community integrated learning spaces. So before preparing this special report article we spoke to local teachers, school governors (including two Chairs of Governors), parents and young learners, none were able to confidently explain the current monitoring system for schools, most basically had no idea about how Attainment 8 and Progress 8 work.


The Table of Contents includes sections like:

  • New systems have been introduced, do you know about them?
  • What is Attainment 8?
  • Calculating Attainment 8 and Progress 8
  • Where does Progress 8 begin?
  • How the GCSE grading system works?
  • The True Potential of the Child
  • Attainment 8 in Haringey by ethnicity and gender
  • Progress 8 in Haringey by Gender and Ethnicity
  • Male performance In Black and White
  • Concerns, conversations to be had and solutions
  • ... and much more.




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Special Report ePoll Questions


Get involved now, be engaged by answring the interesting poll questions below, we really do need to hear from you, this is how it works, through knowledge exchange, shared thoughts and concerns that inform sound right progressive actions.


Read the special report, viewable above and then answer the ePoll questions below:

Should schools be most accountable to the community or the government?
How much did you know about Attainment 8 and Progress 8 (the latest student progress monitoring systems for schools) before reading this report?
Do you want help understanding what’s going on regarding the monitoring of student performance in schools?
Who knows best the true potential of a child?
Are English and Maths qualifications more important than other subjects?
How well do you feel parents and schools work together?
Can our society create better equality in attainment and progress regarding the ethnic (heritage / demograhic) factor, can we remove the ethnic inequalities that exist today?
Young Black males; are they the problem or are they victims of the problem?
Parents sometimes speak of the loss of their child’s early years brilliance. Have you observed this apparent loss of early years brilliance (in the children you know) or is something else happening?


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